The boy who killed his father ‘realized unconsciously

A 16-year-old high school student who stabbed to death his father with whom he argued with his mother in Antalya, appeared before the judge. Prosecutor Süleyman Sarı stated that S.B., who killed his father, had committed the crime unconsciously and demanded a prison sentence of up to 6 years.

Explaining his opinion at the hearing of the MoH (16), who killed his father who used violence against his mother and brother in ANTALYA, Prosecutor Süleyman Sarı said, “Even though acts of deliberate injuring and killing have taken place against women and children for a long time in our society, especially written and visual Social awareness has increased as the problem is brought more to the agenda with the influence of social media besides the press. It has been observed that the legislator tries to prevent the problem with various legal regulations in this regard. The child performed his act unconsciously. As stated in the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court, in this case, it is possible to talk about killing by negligence. ”Prosecutor Sarı requested a prison sentence of up to 6 years for the S.B.

The incident took place at around 15:00 on September 15 last year, in a two-storey shanty house in Muratpaşa district Yenigün Mahallesi 1071 Sokak. Halil İbrahim B., who works in the tourism sector, took a loan from the bank for a relative. Due to the non-payment of the loan installments, Hatice B. started to argue with her husband Halil İbrahim B. Halil İbrahim B. reacted to his wife saying 'If it is not paid, I will pay it'. Meanwhile, their son S.B., who saw the two arguing, told his father not to be angry with his mother. This time S.B. There was a discussion between Halil İbrahim B. and Halil İbrahim B. As the argument turned into a fight, S.B. attacked his father with a knife he took from the kitchen. Halil İbrahim B., who was stabbed in the left armpit three times, died in the hospital. Detained S.B. was arrested.


Tried at the Antalya Juvenile Heavy Penal Court, S.B. appeared before the judge for the third time. The detained defendant S.B., her mother Hatice B., relatives and party lawyers attended the hearing, where closed trial was held because she was younger than 18. At the hearing, Public Prosecutor Süleyman Sarı announced his opinion on the merits. In the opinion, the prosecutor drew attention to the violence that women and children have been subjected to in recent years. In the opinion that the statement of the deceased's daughter G.B. was reminded at the time of the incident, the prosecutor made the following determinations:

"G. When he wanted to prevent his father, his father pushed himself and hit his leg against the table. When the deceased said, 'I will kill you,' she fled to her room, scared. S.B. initially tried to prevent the victim, but was not successful. After the deceased said that he would kill both his mother and himself and his sister, S.B. put the knife he had bought from the kitchen into his chest area 3 times. As a result of the sudden development of the action, one cannot talk about planning. In addition, although there have been acts of deliberate injury and deliberate murder against women and children in our society for a long time, social awareness has increased with the fact that the problem has been brought to the agenda more with the influence of print and visual media as well as social media. It has been observed that the legislator tries to prevent the problem with various legal regulations in this regard. As stated in the statements of both his mother and his sister, he thought that his father, who was a member of the society, who was dragged into crime, subconsciously, could harm them if he threatened death enough to let the deceased young daughter into his room and started deliberately wounding them. As a matter of fact, it was understood that the witness, who came to him, told B.B., 'I was very scared, my father was going to kill my mother,' and then said to his mother, 'Mom would kill you, he would kill us too', and it was understood that he was experiencing fear and anxiety. The child performed his act unconsciously. As stated in the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court, in this case, death by negligence can also be mentioned. In the instant incident, the defendant took a knife from the kitchen under threat. The child does not have the will to carry the knife. "The prosecutor demanded the acquittal of the defendant on the charge of carrying a knife.


Tufan Helvacılar, one of the defendant lawyers, reminded Birol Köse, who killed his wife and 12-year-old daughter who asked for help and committed suicide two weeks ago in Antalya and said, “In this case, while the father figure's attack on the mother continued, her daughter went out and asked for help. However, the perpetrator killed his wife, child and himself. The prosecutor's opinion confirms our defenses technically. However, it should be taken into account that the perpetrator is also a child. ”Lawyers Umut Solmaz, Oğuz Dilek and Mustafa Alper Oral stated that in case of a provision, unjust provocation provisions should be established and said,“ We ​​demand the release of our client considering the period of his detention ”. The court decided to continue the detention of the defendant and adjourned the hearing. (DHA)