Shocking Decision in That Explosion!

Shocking Decision in That Explosion!
The decision that surprised the explosion in the fireworks warehouse in Antalya that caused 1 person to die and 1 person was injured.In Antalya, 34-year-old Doğan Karacan died and 13-year-old Serpil Ece Altaş was injured.

The decision to surprise the explosion in the fireworks warehouse in Antalya, which killed 1 person and injured 1 person.

Company owner Serkan Kaya, 37, was sentenced to 2 years and 1 month in prison due to the explosion in the fireworks warehouse in Antalya, where 34-year-old Doğan Karacan died and 13-year-old Serpil Ece Altaş was injured. This penalty was converted into a fine of 15 thousand 200 lira, 20 TL per day.

The explosion, which was heavily punished in Antalya, took place at the workplace of Serkan Kaya's organization company in Kantara İş Hanı in Konyaaltı District Sarısu Mahallesi 156nd Street on April 15. As a result of the explosion of fireworks, 34-year-old Doğan Karacan, the father of a company employee, lost his life, and 13-year-old Serpil Ece Altaş, a middle school student who was shopping at the stationery in the office building, was injured in his back. Company owner Serkan Kaya, who was arrested as part of the investigation into the incident, was released at the first hearing.

In the Antalya 2nd High Criminal Court, a decision was made for the second hearing of the case in which Serkan Kaya was tried on the charge of "causing death and injury by negligence". Serkan Kaya, the defendant without arrest, relatives of Doğan Karacan, who died in the explosion, and party lawyers attended the hearing. Serkan Kaya, whose last word was asked, said that she was sorry for the incident. Claiming that there was no explosive substance at the scene of the incident, Kaya said, "I do not know if there is an explosive. It is not possible to start a fire without the active substance. Appreciation belongs to the court."


At the end of the trial, the court sentenced Serkan Kaya, 37, to 2 years and 6 months in prison. Kaya's sentence, who was arrested after the incident and released in the first hearing, was reduced to 2 years and 1 month due to his positive attitude and behavior during the trial. The court later converted the prison sentence to fine due to the negligence of the action. The court, which decided to punish the defendant with a judicial fine of 15,200 TL in total from 20 TL per day, ruled that Serkan Kaya was banned from performing his profession and art for 6 months, taking into account his fault.


Lawyer Mustafa Alper Oral of Doğan Karacan's relatives, who lost his life in the explosion, said that they would appeal the decision. Noting that they also filed a lawsuit for compensation, the lawyer Oral said, "In the expert report, it was understood that the deceased Doğan Karacan and other people in the region were not guilty. On the other hand, it was understood that the employer, namely the defendant, was essentially at fault. While waiting for the defendant to be punished from the highest limit, a fine was given. Moreover, this penalty will also be paid in installments, "he said.

Explaining that they will appeal the decision, Oral said that the compensation case has not started yet. Lawyer Oral stated that within the scope of the compensation case, a measure was imposed on the assets of the defendant and the enterprise.