Release in the murder of 'the secret of cola'

The trial of 4 defendants, 3 of whom were brothers, who were arrested for murdering Erol Yılmaz, who allegedly said 'as if you are hiding the secret of cola', since he did not write the price of the vehicle he put up for sale on the internet in ANTALYA. Akin Balkay, who claimed that he was not involved in the murder at the first hearing of the case, was released.

The controversy caused by an ad for a second-hand car that was put up for sale on the Internet ended in murder. The incident took place in Kepez District on February 9. 28-year-old Kemal Paketçi allegedly put his wife's second-hand car on the internet, but did not write the price. Thereupon, 37-year-old private public bus driver Erol Yılmaz wrote a comment under the advertisement. When Kemal Paketçi responded to the comment that the announcement was criticized because the price was not written, a discussion began between the two in a virtual environment. When the discussion was brought to the phone, Yılmaz reacted to Kemal Paketçi, saying, "It's as if you are hiding the secret of cola". When the discussion turned into swearing, the two agreed to meet in the Dokuma district to fight.

When Kemal Paketçi left home on foot to go to his appointment, his wife Münevver Değer Paketçi reported the situation to his husband's brother Yusuf Can Paketçi, 32, who was a taxi driver, and to Akın Balkay, 35, his wife's friend. Yusuf Can Paketçi called his other brother, 26-year-old Halil Paketçi, who was also a taxi driver, and asked him to come to the meeting place. When the parties met, a fight broke out between Erol Yılmaz and Kemal Paketçi. Allegedly, after Kemal Paketçi was injured with a utility knife, Erol Yılmaz escaped with his vehicle. Others followed him. When Erol Yılmaz came to a point in Kepez, Yusuf Can Paketçi blocked him in a taxi. Halil Paketçi, who came after them, crashed into Erol Yılmaz's vehicle with his taxi. Kemal Paketçi joined the fight with a stick in his hand. In the incident, after Erol Yılmaz was stabbed in 5 different places, Kemal Paketçi fled the scene by riding the motorcycle used by his friend Akın Balkay and the other two brothers in the taxi they used.

After the death of Erol Yılmaz, 3 brothers and their friends, who were involved in the murder, surrendered to the police via a police officer they knew. A lawsuit was filed against the 4 defendants arrested after the incident at the Antalya 5th High Criminal Court, demanding that they be punished separately for the crimes of deliberate killing, threatening, insulting and damaging property.

At the first hearing of the case held yesterday, the relatives of Erol Yılmaz, who was killed with 4 detained defendants, and the lawyers of the parties were present. At the hearing, Akin Balkay, one of the defendants, claimed that he had no involvement in the murder and had no action against the victim. The other three brothers blamed Erol Yılmaz, who died in the incident.

Kemal Paketçi, on the other hand, said that he went to the meeting place after Erol Yılmaz, whom he had argued because of his advertisement on the internet, wrote a message saying, “Come if you are a man, bring your wife, too. he said they started following the person.

Relatives of Erol Yılmaz, who was killed, demanded that the defendants be punished. The family's lawyer, Mustafa Alper Oral, claimed that his client was called and killed in a planned way.

The court decided to release Akın Balkay, one of the defendants, pending trial and adjourned the hearing to 18 July.