New era in YÖRSİAD ..

At the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Yörük Industrialists and Businessmen Association (YÖRSİAD), current Chairman Semih Beken handed over the chairmanship to Aykut Ege.

The General Assembly Meeting was held in a hotel. While 44 members attended the board, Aziz Çetin was the chairman of the council and Bora Sinanoğlu and Seyfettin Şahin were the clerks. Akut Ege and her team, who went to the election as a single list, received approval from the members of YÖRSİAD for the new term. Former President Semih Beken, especially Antalya yörsiad 8 years with all the acts that they become a recognized association in Turkey, he said. Stating that he has no doubt that the new administration will undertake even more successful works, Beken said that he will always stand by YÖRSİAD as a member and congratulated the new President Aykut Ege and his team.

"It continues on its way as one heart"
Aykut Ege thanked the members who handed over the task to him and said that YÖRSİAD underwent a change in this period when it has been successful for 8 years. Ege said, “Our friends deemed us worthy of this duty. We took over a difficult task. We will have to raise the bar of YÖRSİAD even more. We built a very good team. Together with this team, YÖRSİAD will continue on its way from where it left off. We are not leaving our Chairman Semih Beken. As the Chairman of the High Advisory Board of our association, he will be with us both in order to protect our corporate structure and to carry his knowledge to our association. YÖRSİAD continues on its way with one heart, ”he said.

Those in the New Administration
The following names were included in the new YÖRSİAD administration, with Chairman Aykut Ege; Osman Güngör, Funda Gülel, Murat Ulusoy, Mustafa Alper Oral, Seyfettin Şahin, Erhan Tunç, Adem İnal and Süleyman Kaplan.