Foreclosure from the famous businessman to his father!

It was revealed that Adopen Chairman of the Board Mustafa Sak, his father AS Çimento Chairman of the Board of Directors Adem Sak, sent a lien to his farm in Susuz Village of Bucak District of Budur. The foreclosure process, which was learned due to a commercial dispute, was carried out in the presence of the lawyers of both parties.

According to the report of Salim Uzun from Hürriyet; Upon the decision of the Antalya 7th Commercial Court of First Instance, the enforcement officers who came to the farm opened the door with a locksmith and confiscated a refrigerator. Stating that the transaction took place about 2.5 months ago but was not reported to the press, Adem Sak's lawyer Mustafa Alper Oral said, “That day the refrigerator was duly taken to the warehouse of the trustee. We have already stopped the file. A situation caused by a commercial dispute between the two. "There is no new foreclosure process for now," he said.


As Cement Inc. Turkey's largest 500 companies from Burdur province is the only company within the list. While the company was 416th in the ISO ranking in 2006, it rose to 352nd in 2007, although its current investments were not completed. The company's annual cement production is 5 million tons. Adopen was founded in 1997 by Mustafa Sak. ADO ADOPEN company that is the largest investment of the Group is among Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.