Cell phone record saved

A.M.C., whose fingerprint was found on the bag in the house where theft was made in ANTALYA, was acquitted when it was determined that his mobile phone was outside the city on the date of the incident from the HTS records.

In Antalya, on May 5, 2014, the thief entered a house in Muratpaşa district, Güzelbağ Mahallesi Zeybek Sokak through a window, stole 800 lira and 8 dollars as well as a necklace, chain and wrist watch from a bag. During the investigation, it was determined that the bag in which the jewelry and money were stolen were left at the scene. During the examination, fingerprint of the complainant and A.M.C. were detected on the bag.

Thereupon A.M.C. A lawsuit was filed against him at the 16th Criminal Court of First Instance of Antaya for theft and violation of his home immunity. A.M.C., who did not admit the charges, claimed that he was not in Antalya at the time of the theft. A.M.C. said that the presence of fingerprints on the bag seized at the scene could not mean that he committed the crime.

A.M.C. said, "I was staying in a student dormitory in Antalya in 2013. At that time, a kermess was organized. I also helped to fill the bags with the products in this fair.

The defendant's lawyer, Mustafa Alper Oral, also presented the bags used in the fair. In addition, the lawyer Oral said that his client's whereabouts could be determined on the phone he used on the date of the incident. A.M.C., who was found to be traveling between Afyonkarahisar on the date of the incident, was acquitted.